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What is McHenry County Made?


We are proud of the fine products, art, foods, drinks and other things made right here in McHenry County! When you see this seal, it means you've found something first-class and McHenry County Made!

  • Artisans, Makers and local businesses must be in McHenry County, Illinois
  • Each must produce their crafts, products and wares in McHenry County, Illinois
  • Each must source materials or expertise from other local businesses

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Criteria and Guidelines for Recommendations:

A wide variety of artisans, makers and businesses - including everyone from handcraft brewers to blacksmiths - will be featured. These makers, each unique in their own way, must share a common thread that reveals their true bond to McHenry County, Illinois. To help bring out that quality across all businesses, we are using these guidelines when selecting possible artisans and makers:

  • Subjects must be McHenry County, IL through and through. They must reside in Illinois and produce their crafts, products and wares in McHenry County, IL.
  • Small-batch operations will be favored over mass productions. Possible exceptions are mass productions rooted in humble beginnings.
  • To give stories an intimate feel, we prefer makers who toil in studios rather than in huge manufacturing plants.
  • Subjects should embody the "McHenry County Made" mantra by using local resources (if possible) when producing their wares. 
  • While it's important to personify McHenry County, IL, it's also important to shatter preconceived notions of the county. We will also be looking for subjects who are doing something you wouldn't expect in McHenry County.
  • The more history behind your McHenry County business, the better. Whether that means a family-owned business that spans generations or a business housed in a building with rich history. 
  • There are many artisans communities in McHenry County - from brewers to candy makers. We would like to profile the most unique members of those communities and show they help support each other.
  • We will look for McHenry County companies intertwined with other McHenry County businesses. 
  • We will look for artisans and businesses who purposely came to McHenry County for a specific reason or natural resource. 
  • Subjects must have a rich visitor experience component 

Examples of makers and local businesses include (but are not limited to):

  • Artisans & Craftspeople (i.e., Carpenters, Potters, Glass Artists, Painters)
  • Food & Beverage Artisans (i.e., Distillers, Brewers, Cheese Makers)
  • Farmers, Winemakers/Viticulturists 
  • Artists, Musicians, Performers

Interested in becoming a McHenry County Made Maker?

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