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3316 Millstream Rd. | Marengo, IL 60152
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When I bought my first sheep 34 years ago, little did I guess where it would lead me! At the time I was milking two goats and had more milk than the goats' kids and my own family could drink, so I found two bummer lambs to raise, and that's where the odyssey began. Those two lambs were shorn in due season, and since I didn't want to waste the wool, I learned to spin.

The yarn, itself, was my end product for several years, but when the stockpiles of yarn began to outgrow my closet space, I knew the time had come for me to use it for something, so I learned to weave. As the years passed, I enjoyed weaving very much but always wanted to add knitting so that I could make the best use of yarn spun from fine wools. I learned the basics of Knitting from Priscilla Harper in 2004 and have been knitting socks like a fiend, since.

The Fold

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